Core Team
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Degree in Chemical Engineering BSC(Hon), Newcastle

Jeremy Ng

Managing Director:

"Sprezztech Capital Pte Ltd was started to manage the assets of like-minded individuals who have an affinity to the range of portfolios that we are vested into. In my opinion, there are vast opportunities in the world of Financial Technology coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies. The South-East Asia Real Estate market has also shown great potential for financial opportunities, especially in emerging countries. The Private Equity sector has also shown great financial potential in certain markets that serve to be disruptors.

Together with my team and our growing number of stakeholders, I believe Sprezztech Capital will continue to grow and transcend beyond."  

Lim Beng Wee

Executive Director:

Beng Wee brings with him more than 30 years of both public and private sector work experiences. His extensive experience and balanced perspectives of good governance, organisational development and ability to generate optimum value to investors lends a steady hand in steering Sprezztech. 


Beng Wee’s humble background ignited the desire to succeed in everything he does. Amongst the many accolades while in the Public Service, he was awarded the Public Service Administration (Bronze). In addition, he completed his post-graduate study with the prestigious MBA programme from University of Nottingham (UK).


His wealth of experiences and strength in Strategic Planning, Organisational Development and Operations Planning will bring Sprezztech Capital to great heights and bring optimum value to our investors.

Darren Lim

Executive Manager:

"In a world of increasing digitalisation, financial literacy is becoming the new norm. Many people are adopting investments early on, having a huge influx of capital into the financial industry.
FinTech has proven itself to be a game changer in the industry, with increasing influence over conventional markets. It has created new markets, and with it, huge potentials for growth. In the recent years of highly volatile markets, we here at Sprezztech Capital seek to be a guiding beacon for growth opportunities. 
Sprezztech Capital seeks to grow and progress together with our stakeholders, hand in hand."